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Movie Poster for Abigail
Abigail  Rated R1h 49m
Starting Tomorrow
Fri 04/19 4:20pm7:00pm9:50pm
Sat 04/20 1:20pm4:20pm7:00pm9:50pm
Sun 04/21 1:20pm4:20pm7:00pm
Mon 04/22 4:20pm7:00pm
Tue 04/23 4:20pm7:00pm
Wed 04/24 4:20pm7:00pm
Thu 04/25 4:20pm7:00pm

Movie Poster for Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare  Rated R2h 0m
Starting Tomorrow
Fri 04/19 4:30pm7:10pm9:50pm
Sat 04/20 1:30pm4:30pm7:10pm9:50pm
Sun 04/21 1:30pm4:30pm7:10pm
Mon 04/22 4:30pm7:10pm
Tue 04/23 4:30pm7:10pm
Wed 04/24 4:30pm7:10pm
Thu 04/25 4:30pm7:10pm

Movie Poster for Civil War
Civil War  Rated R1h 49m
Fri 04/19 4:30pm7:15pm9:55pm
Sat 04/20 1:30pm4:30pm7:15pm9:55pm
Sun 04/21 1:30pm4:30pm7:15pm
Mon 04/22 4:30pm7:15pm
Tue 04/23 4:30pm7:15pm
Wed 04/24 4:30pm7:15pm
Thu 04/25 4:30pm7:15pm

Movie Poster for The First Omen
The First Omen  Rated R2h 0m
Thu 04/18 7:15pm
Fri 04/19 10:05pm
Sat 04/20 10:05pm

Movie Poster for Monkey Man
Monkey Man  Rated R2h 1m
Fri 04/19 9:45pm
Sat 04/20 9:45pm

Movie Poster for Someone Like You
Someone Like You  Rated PG1h 58m
Fri 04/19 4:20pm7:20pm10:05pm
Sat 04/20 1:25pm4:20pm7:20pm10:05pm
Sun 04/21 1:25pm4:20pm7:20pm
Mon 04/22 4:20pm7:20pm
Tue 04/23 4:20pm7:20pm
Wed 04/24 4:20pm7:20pm
Thu 04/25 4:20pm7:20pm

Movie Poster for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire  Rated PG-131h 55m
Fri 04/19 4:15pm7:05pm10:00pm
Sat 04/20 1:15pm4:15pm7:05pm10:00pm
Sun 04/21 1:15pm4:15pm7:05pm
Mon 04/22 4:15pm7:05pm
Tue 04/23 4:15pm7:05pm
Wed 04/24 4:15pm7:05pm
Thu 04/25 4:15pm7:05pm

Movie Poster for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire  Rated PG-131h 55m
Fri 04/19 4:25pm7:05pm9:45pm
Sat 04/20 1:25pm4:25pm7:05pm9:45pm
Sun 04/21 1:25pm4:25pm7:05pm
Mon 04/22 4:25pm7:05pm
Tue 04/23 4:25pm7:05pm
Wed 04/24 4:25pm7:05pm
Thu 04/25 4:25pm7:05pm

Movie Poster for Arthur The King
Arthur The King  Rated PG-131h 47m
Fri 04/19 4:35pm7:15pm
Sat 04/20 1:35pm4:35pm7:15pm
Sun 04/21 1:35pm4:35pm7:15pm
Mon 04/22 4:35pm7:15pm
Tue 04/23 4:35pm7:15pm
Wed 04/24 4:35pm7:15pm
Thu 04/25 4:35pm7:15pm

Movie Poster for Kung Fu Panda 4
Kung Fu Panda 4  Rated PG1h 34m
Fri 04/19 4:40pm7:25pm
Sat 04/20 1:20pm4:40pm7:25pm
Sun 04/21 1:20pm4:40pm7:25pm
Mon 04/22 4:40pm7:25pm
Tue 04/23 4:40pm7:25pm
Wed 04/24 4:40pm7:25pm
Thu 04/25 4:40pm7:25pm