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Movie Poster for The Exorcism
The Exorcism  Rated R1h 33m
Sun 06/23 1:25pm4:35pm7:25pm
Mon 06/24 4:35pm7:25pm
Tue 06/25 4:35pm7:25pm
Wed 06/26 4:35pm7:25pm
Thu 06/27 4:35pm7:25pm

Movie Poster for Inside Out 2 3D
Inside Out 2 3D  Rated PG1h 36m
Sun 06/23 1:25pm4:25pm7:20pm
Mon 06/24 4:25pm7:20pm
Tue 06/25 4:25pm7:20pm
Wed 06/26 4:25pm7:20pm
Thu 06/27 4:25pm7:20pm

Movie Poster for Inside Out 2
Inside Out 2  Rated PG1h 36m
Sun 06/23 1:15pm1:30pm4:10pm4:40pm7:00pm7:30pm
Mon 06/24 4:10pm4:30pm7:00pm
Tue 06/25 4:10pm4:30pm7:00pm
Wed 06/26 4:10pm4:30pm7:00pm
Thu 06/27 4:10pm4:30pm7:00pm

Movie Poster for The Watchers
The Watchers  Rated PG-131h 42m
Sun 06/23 4:30pm
Mon 06/24 4:40pm7:30pm
Tue 06/25 4:40pm7:30pm
Wed 06/26 4:40pm7:30pm
Thu 06/27 4:40pm7:30pm

Movie Poster for Bad Boys Ride Or Die
Bad Boys Ride Or Die  Rated R1h 55m
Sun 06/23 1:10pm4:20pm7:15pm
Mon 06/24 4:20pm7:15pm
Tue 06/25 4:20pm7:15pm
Wed 06/26 4:20pm7:15pm
Thu 06/27 4:20pm7:15pm

Movie Poster for The Garfield Movie
The Garfield Movie  Rated PG1h 41m
Sun 06/23 1:20pm4:15pm
Mon 06/24 4:15pm
Tue 06/25 4:15pm
Wed 06/26 4:15pm
Thu 06/27 4:15pm

Movie Poster for The Strangers: Chapter 1
The Strangers: Chapter 1  Rated R1h 31m
Sun 06/23 7:05pm
Mon 06/24 7:05pm
Tue 06/25 7:05pm
Wed 06/26 7:05pm
Thu 06/27 7:05pm

Movie Poster for IF
IF  Rated PG1h 44m
Sun 06/23 1:35pm4:30pm7:10pm
Mon 06/24 4:30pm7:10pm
Tue 06/25 4:30pm7:10pm
Wed 06/26 4:30pm7:10pm
Thu 06/27 4:30pm7:10pm

Movie Poster for Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes  Rated PG-132h 25m
Sun 06/23 1:05pm6:55pm
Mon 06/24 6:55pm
Tue 06/25 6:55pm
Wed 06/26 6:55pm
Thu 06/27 6:55pm